whoever wrote this article needs to take a long look at their title

like, is it finally or already? has it been a while or too soon? i’m confused


i reject your shitty headcanons that brock rumlow is a decent person



my favorite f/m ships are the ones where the dude is pretty much there just to gaze at the girl with heart eyes and fawn over her



Fandom: BuckyNat should just be best friends!

Me: Well, you’re half right.



There’s a post going around critiquing the idea that Natasha had any kind of control over her causeway fight with Bucky, that it “dehumanizes” her by not letting her have faults/get into trouble. Except it doesn’t, because she was not “terrified out of her mind.” 

We’ve seen what she looks like when she is that scared when she was up against the Hulk. Natasha facing the Hulk looks nothing like Natasha tangling with Bucky. You didn’t see her smiling at the Hulk when she was running from him, even those few times she managed to slip out of his reach successfully before he caught up with her. Furthermore, that was a very deliberately filmed reaction shot. The directors wanted that smile in there, to show her state of mind, and they made sure Scarlett would be able to concentrate on the perfect smile – she was literally given running shoes to wear for that one shot so she could focus on her acting and not worry about tripping in her high heeled boots.

I don’t know how anyone could miss the symbolism of Nat cracking his goggles and forcing him to remove them, giving us the first glimpse of the man behind the mask? She opened his eyes. Not only that, but she’d made him angry, the first sign of human emotion he displays in the movie - a rather emotional outburst of rage as he shoots down at her.

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takes the myers-brigg so many times that i no longer know who i am


I’ve been thinking about Bucky’s robot arm a lot (hi have we met), so I figured I might as well collect all my thoughts in one place, since they might be interesting/useful to other people. I organized this as a q&a, because these are things I ask myself a lot, but obviously these are just my answers based on what we’ve seen in the MCU. I’d be really interested in what other people think, or if anyone has other questions.

Edited 3 August 2014.


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