Time for the totally-not-obligatory-but-might-as-well 2013 photo post, consisting of crazy-eyed best friend selfie at the Harvest Home Festival, evidence of spending too much money on comics, humiliating the best friend at the Renaissance Fair, seeing the favorite band in concert again, pictures with the pilots from my first flight ever, a sassy mannequin in NYC, lame selfie #1, first night out at a bar with The Other Sarah, a Christmas ornament made by my 8 year old guitar student (misspelled scribbles included), the last selfie of the year (lame selfie #2), and this giant, paragraphic run-on sentence.

  1. uminoko said: Y u no tell me ur a cutie
  2. arevolutionsupposed said: look at sarahtron having a good year. four for you sarahtron. you go sarahtron.
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